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Sarah Yost

Resource Teacher

Sarah Yost has worked in public education for 15 years. Yost currently serves as a resource teacher for National Board professional learning at Dann C. Byck Elementary School in Louisville, Kentucky, and previously taught middle school English language arts. She became a National Board–certified teacher in 2013 and has pursued many leadership opportunities surrounding the National Board, including supporting candidates and engaging teachers at all stages of their careers, using National Board resources to reflect and improve their teaching practices. Learn more about National Board professional learning at Kentucky NBPL.

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  • Literacy

    3 Simple Ways to Improve ELA Instruction

    Knowing who students are is a starting point for sparking their creativity and tailoring instruction to meet their needs.
  • Education Equity

    Increasing Equity for All Students

    Steps that leaders can take within their schools in order to serve all students equitably and close the achievement gap.

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