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Matthew Howell

Middle School Principal

Matthew Howell is a leader in the field of education. He is passionate about helping others succeed and is an advocate for students and teachers. He is a voice for quality learning and educational equity.

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  • School Leadership

    Balancing Effort and Efficiency

    Three tips to help school leaders establish and achieve their goals while keeping their workload manageable.
  • 1:1 Implementation

    Screen-Free Days in a 1:1 School

    A middle school stows the laptops periodically for an entire day to intentionally foster face-to-face learning experiences and interactions.
  • School Leadership

    Ensuring That Teachers Don’t Run Out of Gas

    A middle school principal looks at ways to manage work efficiently so that teachers aren’t running on empty at the end of the year.
  • Critical Thinking

    The Importance of Purpose in Education

    Students can discover a sense of purpose in their learning through questions that lead them to think about their interests.
  • School Leadership

    Staying Mission Focused as a Leader

    School leaders can resist the urge to micromanage by focusing on the most important goal: helping students and teachers succeed.
  • School Leadership

    Connecting Education Policy to School Culture

    A middle school principal draws on lessons learned in policy creation to foster a strong school culture.

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