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Carly Berwick

Journalist and Teacher

In addition to contributing to Edutopia, I write about education for and Next City and have been an editor at The Week and ARTnews. I've also written about culture and cities for publications such as Bloomberg News, The New York Times, Art in America, Conde Nast Traveler, and New York magazine. I live and teach in New Jersey.

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  • Education Equity

    Is It Time to Detrack Math?

    Districts are moving to end the practice of tracking as research suggests that it may deepen educational inequities—with little benefit for students’ academic performance.
  • Literacy

    How a Literacy-First Program Revived a School

    A Title I school in the Bronx is dramatically improving student outcomes—one book at a time.
  • STEM

    Keeping Girls in STEM: 3 Barriers, 3 Solutions

    Stereotypes and cultural norms dampen girls’ interest in STEM, but educators can counter the disparities with small changes to their practice.
  • Autism

    The Missing Autistic Girls

    In the past two decades, autism diagnoses have soared—but new research shows that girls have frequently been overlooked, leaving them without crucial support.
  • English-Language Learners

    Teaching English Language Learners: A Complex Endeavor

    A teacher seeks out the best approaches to teaching English to non-native speakers, the fastest growing student population in the U.S.
  • Education Equity

    3 Promising Models of School Integration

    With racial integration facing legal challenges, school districts are finding new ways to create more diverse schools that reflect their communities.
  • Education Equity

    Can Equity Be Taught?

    In a rapidly diversifying district with a largely white teaching force, how do you foster mutual trust and understanding? Send teachers to school.
  • Assessment

    Student Data: Friend or Foe?

    Research is suggesting that gathering student data and building relationships must go hand in hand.
  • Parent Partnership

    Parent Stories: When Your Neighborhood School Doesn't Cut It

    Sometimes your assigned school isn't a good fit. Read stories about why three parents selected schools outside their neighborhood.